About Us

Love Cakes was originally founded in 2006 as Lilly Jane’s Cupcakes. After Lidiia and James Reynolds bought Lilly Jane’s in 2018, they decided to rebrand with a new name and wider menu.

Lidiia is from Odessa, Ukraine, known for its beaches, architecture, and rich cuisine. Her love of food formed at an early age, and she soon became the main cook in her home. She decided to make a study of cooking, learning from anyone she could. After years in restaurant kitchens, she made the change to baking where her true passions lie.

“My favorite aspects of baking are creating new recipes and playing with flavor combinations. The best part of my day is when I see the joy on someone’s face when they taste something new I have created… And of course I love to decorate cakes, and push myself as an artist!” 

-Lidiia Reynolds, owner

Lidiia owned and operated a commercial bakery that grew to service restaurants and café’s all around the Ukraine. Never giving up on learning, she took the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs in Europe. Now, she is excited to share her experience and cultural cuisine here in Idaho.

European pastries are known for their fresh ingredients that keep you coming back for more, and their pastry shops are a place to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. Like all cultures people bond over food. Here at Love Cakes we hope we can be a part of bringing people together. So plan that coffee and pastry date, or delight your friends and family with a decadent cake at your next party. Whatever you do, do it with love, and Love Cakes!